U.S. Cooperation with Palestine , Israel Frustrated

U.S. Cooperation with Palestine , Israel Frustrated

JERUSALEM - Israel’s government to address the frustration of most nearby allies of the United States ( U.S. ) . Frustration is associated with similar work done by the new ruling Palestina U.S. .

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As you know, rule the combination of two major Palestinian factions , Hamas and Fatah is opposed by the Jewish State . Israel also threatened to stop peace dialogue with Palestinians if Hamas and Fatah reconciliation is still running.

However , the Israeli threat was ignored by Palestina , Palestina even alarmingly in the wind after their new rulers endorsed by the U.S. and the European Union. Looking at what the U.S. and Israel do not stay silent UE and remove comments pitched sideways on the decisions taken EU and the U.S..

" All the same job done with Hamas that was proven guilty of the murder of women and children totally unacceptable , " said the Israeli Communications Minister Gilad Erdan , as quoted from the Morning Star , Tuesday ( 03/06/2014 ) .

" Unfortunately we have already taken steps naive U.S. has ruined what they were doing," he added .pengecoran almunium

Israel expressed their disappointment that an indication of very bottomed . This is because previously , the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the U.S. John Kerry has promised not to acknowledge and wish to work together with the Government coalition.


Five Elementary Students Admitted It harass Friends Only Games

After undergoing the second time in Mapolres bireuen , five elementary school students perpetrators of sexual assault against two colleagues , acknowledging such actions are not planned, but rather spontaneity while playing at recess .

Invisible Criminal Police bireuen , AKP Jatmiko , Tuesday ( 27/05/2014 ) afternoon to say , the recognition that information out of five offenders who are minors it .

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" So the five perpetrators of sexual violence to the two victims were not planned , because they play at recess and invited two female friends , " clearly visible .

Although not known what kind of game , but finally the sexual violence occurred in two elementary school so as to make one of them fainted .

In the second call , Jatmiko recognizes only five actors and parents were examined . While both victims is set to be called up on Thursday ( 29/05/2014 ) the day after tomorrow .

The sexual assault case itself gets a lot of attention from various parties who deplore the occurrence of behavior . Fifth perpetrator or the victim is in the fourth grade students of SDN Peusangan one of the schools in the South , Bireuen district , Aceh .

Ironically the incident lasted nearly half an hour in the classroom during recess around 10:30 pm , Wednesday ( 07/05/2014 ) .


Slank city government criticism about Tomb of Ismail Marzuki

Band Slank expressed concerned about the condition of origin Betawi hero ‘s tomb , Ismail Marzuki , in the General Cemetery ( TPU ) Rubber bivouac , Tanah Abang , Central Jakarta . Every time it rains , the tomb of the legendary composer was always flooded.

Slank vocalist Kaka asked Jakarta Provincial Government immediately restore the tomb and move the tomb of Ismail Marzuki . ” Pindahin dong tomb to TMP Kalibata . Ismail Marzuki was a hero , you know , ” said Kaka , 100 years after the concert Ismail Marzuki , Cikini , Central Jakarta , Sunday ( 25/05/2014 ) morning .

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He explained that the works of Ismail Marzuki until now kept distinct society . Therefore , he added , the government should also pay attention to his grave .

Do not let the news of the hero ‘s tomb inundation spread to the eye. Because the great works of Ismail Marzuki also enjoyed by foreign residents .

In line with Kaka , drummer for the band Slank , Bimbim said Ismail Marzuki is a hero who raised piece of music in Indonesia . He expects the government does not regard the hero as warrior who fought in the battle against the invaders .

" So the government to transfer the tomb of Ismail Marzuki TMP Kalibata , please tomb military hero who was there . Supposedly , the tomb of all the heroes into one over there , " said Bimbim .

Bimbim also questioned the function of Ismail Marzuki ( TIM ) in Cikini . According to him , only the presence of the statue of Ismail Marzuki, who became a symbol of the TIM . Supposedly , the city government is also building a museum Ismail Marzuki there , in memory of his work .

" Too bad in TEAM , but instead Marzukinya Ismail baseball museum there . Hahaha … , " said Bimbim .

Meanwhile , Head of Culture and Tourism Office of Jakarta Arie Budiman said it would restore the tomb of Ismail Marzuki . However , Parks and Cemetery Department was the one who would restore the tomb.

" A very good input to move the tomb of Ismail Marzuki . Nevertheless, not all duties and functions ( duties ) that had the Department of Tourism . We give appreciation , through a series of music concerts ," said Arie .


Video Allegedly Prabowo At People in Supply Commission

Candidates from a coalition of the Red White Prabowo was associated with a video circulating on Youtube . Video titled ’ Prabowo At People in the Commission ’ indicates a person of action who was cast a hand to people who are on his side .

The man who allegedly Prabowo was wearing a white shirt with a black skullcap . In the video duration is less than a minute , it looks white man in his hand at directing one wearing a blue shirt . But his face was not apparent in white because the video footage was taken from the back .

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On Tuesday ( 20/5 ) , Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa was enrolled to become vice - presidential partner to the General Election Commission ( KPU ) . The atmosphere was very hectic because of the mass - Hatta Prabowo also come to the Commission to provide support . Even the thrust - thrust had occurred at the entrance of the building Commission .

Regarding the outstanding video , DPP Secretary Jenderap Gerindra Muzani Ahmad claimed to have seen it . However , he saw that the spread is negative attack to Prabowo .

" Definitely the black campaign , " he said , at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital , Jakarta , Friday ( 23/5 ) .

Menghapi presidential / vice -president , the Muzani assess the situation is very sensitive . Therefore , according to him , everything can be twisted .

" Black campaign can come for anyone . We can not control , " he said .


Ashanty: At Mattress Pun Anang Chat Political Problem

Singer Ashanty ( 30 ) revealed that the husband , Anang musical artists Story ( 45 ) , since the entry into the political world , often discuss politics , even in their beds .

" At home , if both , we talked how the presidential candidates . Mas Anang happy when I come to talk about it , " said the Department of International Relations graduate Paramadina University , Jakarta , is in an interview in Jakarta , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) .

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In fact , further Ashanty , until just before closing his eyes in bed was Anang was invited to talk about politics .

" The mattress wrote his talk politics . I his basic political science . Excellent Mas Anang , he’s much better knowledge , not just reckless capital entered parliament , " said the woman who is pregnant .

Ashanty hope someday her husband could convey the aspirations of the people by becoming a member of the House of Representatives .

" ( Compared ) By me that his basic political knowledge he is much more remarkable . With his capital as a society , can hopefully aspiring people , " he hoped .


2.21 Percent Drop, This is beater Stock CSPI Session I

Composite Stock Price Index ( CSPI ) I ended the session with a decline of 2.21 percent or 110.84 points to 4904.15 overdrawn .

Noted there are 231 stocks declined and 54 stocks gained and 70 stocks remained motionless . The decline in the index came a day after a presidential candidate (candidates ) and vice presidential candidates make a declaration .

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Action big cap stock sales into one index muller first session today, Tuesday ( 20/05/2014 ) . Three big cap stocks are sold it is owned stocks aka SOE shares . Here are three big cap stocks are :

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Tbk ( TLKM )

TLKM shares fell 5.81 percent to Rp 2,430 in the first session and contributed to declines in the index by 16.37 points . Many securities are sold TLKM ; Merrill Lynch Indonesia valued at USD 45.43 billion , Credit Suisse Securities Indonesia valued at USD 33.95 billion and PT Citigroup Securities Indonesia valued at USD 16.07 billion .

PT Bank Mandiri Tbk ( BMRI )

BMRI shares fell 5.41 percent to Rp 10,050 on the first session and contributed to declines in the index by 14.38 points . Three securities BMRI many shares are sold ; Mandiri Securities valued at USD 23.04 billion , PT Citigroup Securities Indonesia valued at USD 22.84 billion and CLSA Indonesia valued at USD 20.99 billion .

PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk ( BBRI )

BBRI shares fell 4.56 percent to Rp 10 475 in the first session and accounted for a decrease of 13.2 index points . Three securities selling shares many BBRI is ; PT Citigroup Securities Indonesia valued at USD 36.14 billion , UBS Securities Indonesia valued at USD 19.47 billion and Macquarie Capital Securities valued at USD 14.91 billion .


Principal of Saint Monica Tak View L Signs of Sexual Abuse Victims

Saint Monica School Principal Lydia Ward said , L ( 3.5 ) , students playgroup Saint Monica , victims of sexual abuse allegedly committed by her dance teacher , looks always cheerful . In fact , children under five had a chance to win the race that was held by the school Easter .

" The boy won the Runner III Easter activities and it proves he is still happy (being in school ) , " said Lydia, Saturday ( 05/17/2014 ) .

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According to him , L is always calm in the classroom as well as conduct all activities in the school with joy . He never showed signs of pain as a result of sexual violence , which for example will not even wearing pants .

" The proof , last April 11 , we held a field trip and field trip to the Arena Ancol Ocean , and the child was left with her ​​grandmother , " said Lidia .

Similarly , further Lidia , in commemoration of Kartini Day , April 21. L , he said , also follow the activities and win the champion .

Lydia explains , in the play group , the children were in school only for one half hour . It was not every day in school . The remaining children were in the house . Conditions in the school is very open to outsiders .

" At school , classroom conditions such as aquariums . Whatever happens in the classroom , we all know . Open once , " he said .

According to Lydia , in this case , the school has met the call by the Police and KPAI . ” Until now there has been no meeting of the parents of victims and casualties , ” he said .

B , playgroup parents Saint Monica , reported allegations of sexual assault to the Metro Jaya Police Headquarters . He reported one of the teachers initials L , which he calls the teacher women for extracurricular dance lessons , Miss H or S.

Related to this , the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation Jakarta Police has examined three witnesses . They are the reporter who is the victim’s mother , and two teachers . Police reported plans to summon the next week .


Wins Pileg, PDI-P Leads Parliament Maluku

Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle ( PDI - P ) came out as the winner of the legislative elections ( Pileg ) in Maluku province after being able to win the support of a majority vote on 9 April 2014 Pileg ago . With this victory , the PDI - P is automatically entitled to lead the Maluku provincial parliament ‘s term from 2014 to 2019 .

PDIP victory in the legislative election in Maluku is the first time since a multiparty system put in place in Indonesia .

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Earlier, Chairman of the Parliament of Maluku province has always held the Golkar Party politician . Victory PDI - P in Maluku Maluku province after the Commission held a plenary meeting for setting the acquisition and the number of seats in the elected Assembly Members Election Commission Office Maluku , on Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

Determination of the number of seats of political parties and Members of Parliament elected stipulated in the Decree number 289/KPTS/KPU-PROV-028/V/2014 Maluku KPU . In a plenary meeting pentapan it , PDIP gained 147 159 votes and ensure its representatives to the Parliament passed the 7 provinces of Maluku and the right to bring one of them as the Chairman of the Parliament of Maluku .

Despite getting 7 seats , but the number has decreased when compared with the previous period which seats 8 . While Golkar Party only got 6 seats while previously got 8 seats . Meanwhile , the Democrats get 6 seats , the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) 6 seats , 5 seats Gerindra , NasDem Party 4 seats , 4 seats and Hanura National Awakening Party ( PKB ) 3 seats .

In addition, the Indonesian Justice and Unity Party ( PKPI ) 2 seats , the United Development Party ( PPP ) and the first chair of the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) 1 seat while the Crescent Star Party (PBB ) did not win any seats .

For the position of vice chairman of DPRD Maluku province , according the results of the determination will be chaired by a representative from the Golkar Party , the Democratic Party and the MCC . Plenary setting the acquisition of number of seats and the elected Assembly Members attended also by Bawaslu Maluku , representatives of all political parties and representatives of the Regional Government of Maluku .


Can charisma dreamed outperform Singapore Surabaya

Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini dreamed up to make more advanced Surabaya could rival Singapore . With the resources available today , the mayor carried PDI - P is able to be sure Surabaya city center shopping destination .

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Therefore , it encourages the development of markets for the middle and lower segments . The trick is to minimize as much as possible also keep price inflation of goods remain affordable .

" Because, if all expensive , this town will die . Prices should be low because the purchasing power will increase , " he said , after inaugurating the Indonesian Shopping Center Management Association ( APPBI ) Jakarta, Friday ( 02/05/2014 ) .

In addition to increasing the lower middle market segment , the first female mayor of Surabaya is also going to develop the upper middle segment of the market as a destination for shopping gadgets , especially for an international brand .

" The important thing is how to make outsiders come to Surabaya . Therefore , a positive image of Surabaya City must continue to be built , " he added .

Risma admitted fortunate , in the near future Terminal Lamong Gulf Coast in the west of Surabaya will be operated . According to him , the facility will greatly support the coming and going of goods , from overseas and via Surabaya . If all the infrastructure and market systems addressed , it stayed prepare human resources .

" Here , the policy position in the field of education has an important role in order to welcome the citizens of Surabaya economic free trade era . ‘s Not actually useful to other people , " he concluded .


Prabowo Rumored Met SDA Tonight at Halim

Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra , Prabowo Subiantoro informed a meeting with the Chairman of the PPP Surya Dharma Ali ( SDA ) at Halim Airport Lounge . Seeing reporters gathered , Prabowo chose to leave the airport .

Information gained media tonight SDA met with Prabowo in around Halim . Agenda for the meeting to discuss certain known certainty PPP branch locations 23 meeting with Prabowo , which is scheduled tomorrow Friday, May 2, 2014 .

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Monitoring AFP on Tuesday ( 29/04/2014 ) at 20:20 pm The Lexus license number B 17 PSD are known to belong to Prabowo arrived at Halim Airport departure lobby . Prabowo saw the arrival of the media crew who have been waiting immediately ran after the car . Soon the car stopped safari brown man down and approached the car Prabowo .

Not got down from the car , he just opened the glass and waved his right hand so as not met . After a few minutes the car immediately left the airport . Until now not known where did the former commander of Kopassus , the information circulating that Prabowo deliberately change the location of a meeting with the SDA in the toll .