More than Half of Bantam Shopping Center, Piling in Tangerang

The rapid growth of the retail business that triggered the increase of population and the increase in purchasing power , pushing the growing need for shopping centers . Not least in Tangerang Raya which includes the City and County of Tangerang , and South Tangerang City .

According to the Indonesian Shopping Center Management Association ( APPBI ) Banten , the first quarter of 2014 , there are 18 shopping centers operating in Tangerang . This amount is more than half of the total 30 malls owned by the province of Banten . Excluding the category of retail space shopping street and a shopping arcade .

All 18 of the shopping center is , Plastica Plaza , Plastica Xchange , The Breeze , City Terrace , Plaza Serpong , BSD Junction , BSD Plaza , Plastica Trade Center , WTC Matahari , Summarecon Mall Serpong , Alam Sutera Mall , Living World , Mal Bale City , Supermall Karawaci , Metropolis Town Square , Tangcity Mal Serpong Town Square , and Plaza Cikokol .

Concentration of shopping centers in the Tangerang area is not separated from the population reached 4 million more , and also the increasing upper middle class people with high purchasing power reside here . Both of these factors tempt developers compete to build the shopping center .

In fact , the Chairman APPBI Banten , Heru Nasution , revealed , that number will continue to grow as the actual trend that is being developed at this time . The trend is not only about shopping , but meet the needs of entertainment , relaxation , dining , meeting , and also lifestyle .

" This year will be launched a new shopping center in the area of ​​Lippo Village . These shopping centers developed by PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk . Besides them , there are also other shopping centers built in the SOE developers Tangerang City and AEON Mall in BSD City , " he added , to , Tuesday ( 15/04/2014 ) .

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Although it continues to grow , further Heru , if it should calculate the number of shopping centers and population , the ratio is still lower . So , Tangerang still needs some more shopping . But the bottom line , not the usual shopping center , but the concept is unique, innovative , targeting different segments , and as needed ( needs) target market .


Jakarta Reach Rank 1 Cities in Developing Countries

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo said that Jakarta was ranked first in the Global Ranking of Emerging Cities consultant AT version Kearney. He highly appreciated the positive assessment.

"This can be used to evaluate which ones are correct and which are not performed properly done," said Jokowi, so the governor called, at City Hall, Tuesday, April 15, 2014. "This assessment has been carried out from 18 months ago and the results, Jakarta was ranked first. "

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Jokowi said the results of this assessment with respect to the planning of transport infrastructure such as MRT and monorail. “Although both are just starting, but it’s already started,” said Jokowi.
In addition, there are two other assessments that make Jakarta is located in the growing city of the first rank, namely the problem of flood management and fulfillment of basic needs. Jokowi said flood problems such as dredging the reservoir and the basic requirement is the implementation and application of Jakarta Smart Card (KJP) and Jakarta Health Card (KJS).

On the same occasion, Chief Representative of the Asia-Pacific region AT Kearney John Kurtz said Jakarta is the most developed city in improving its infrastructure beat 20 other cities in the country. This survey, said John, also to find out how the city in a third world country has the potential to improve their global position in the next two decades. Or are in the Global Cities.Index.

"New Directions and kemimpinan Jakarta has brought optimism," said John, at City Hall. "Jakarta can be advanced in the global community and has become a main attraction."


Australian PM: Australia Malaysia Confident Will Find Missing Plane

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott feels very confident that the signal detected in the flight search MH370 comes from the black box that powers the battery is reduced because more than one month to live after the plane disappeared .

Abbott spoke on his visit to the People’s Republic of China (PRC ) where two-thirds of the 239 people who were on the jet Malaysia Airlines are citizens , said he would give a more complete explanation of the investigation PRC President Xi Jinping on in the afternoon .

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Four signals associated with the plane’s black box has been detected by the Australian ship Ocean Shield which uses equipment owned by the U.S. Navy ( U.S. ) , with the first two signals are analyzed matched with aircraft flight recorders .

" We have narrowed the search area and we are sure the signal coming from the black box . ‘s Already severely restricted because we now have a set of detection , some for quite a long period of time " Abbott said in Shanghai on Friday ( 11/4 )

Search Boeing 777 that disappeared on March 8, on the way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing , led Australia continues to be accelerated as much as possible to get the signal to determine the exact location of the aircraft before diving equipment lowered to find the signal .

" We sure know the position of the black box flight recorder to within a few kilometers . , But confidence in the estimate of the position of the black box is not the same as collecting debris from the ocean depths nearly 4.5 kilometers , or finally determines all that happens on the plane , " said Abbott .

He also provides support to the relatives of the 153 passengers with Chinese citizens say sorry with them .

" I guarantee that Australia will not stop until we find him , " said Abbott .

Abbott ‘s comments come amid Board Joint Coordination Center ( JACC ) in Perth said the early analysis has determined that the five signals were detected on Thursday afternoon by a reconnaissance aircraft P - 3C Orion seems to be unrelated to the plane’s black box .

"The signal may not be related to the plane’s black box . Analysis further continues, " JACC chief Angus Houston said .

Orion aircraft flying close to the area where the two signals are detected at the end of last week and two more were detected on Tuesday by the Australian ship Ocean Shield .

This ship is interesting pinger locator belongs to the U.S. Navy to listen to a black box signals .

" Today’s Ocean Shield continues to focus combing with pinger locator drawn to try and find a further signal that may be associated with the plane’s black box . It is important to gather as much information as possible to the battery while the underwater locator beacon may still be active , " said Houston who added that the decision to use submarine sonar devices could be several days away .

Although Abbott was optimistic , Houston remained cautious .

" On the information I have has been no major breakthrough in the search MH370 , " he explained .

JACC search area on Friday said it has been reduced to two zones with a total area of ​​46 713 square kilometers . With the core of the search now reached 2,312 kilometers ( 1,436 miles) West Perth .

Weather forecast on Friday ( 11/4 ) in the search zone is a south wind of 10-15 knots with isolated area sweeping , undulating sea between 1-1.5 meters ( 3-5 feet ) and visibility of about five kilometers during sweeping .

According to JACC until now no floating debris from the plane was found despite large multinational operations performed in air and sea .

Houston has stressed the need to find the wreckage in order to be absolutely sure the fate of the aircraft and had been repeatedly warned that they should too inflating expectations for the sake of the victims’ families , who have nightmares for a month .

JACC said Friday the search involved 12 military aircraft , civil aircraft and three ships 13 .

The agency said the time required should not be long before artificial autonomous underwater vehicle called Bluefin U.S. - 21 will be deployed to investigate . But JACC warned that the equipment will operate at the threshold of its ability given the very deep sea conditions .


Three Main Program NU (3-depleted)

Not just TB , LKNU also provide education about malaria .

" The activity was based in malaria -prone areas , such as in Kalimantan and Sulawesi . We make it , so we invite villagers to know what the heck it is TB or malaria , its symptoms , and how to mitigate them , " said Secretary LKNU Anggia Ermarini .

In addition to the village -based programs , LKNU also do boarding school -based health promotion . According Anggia , it invites students to behave in a clean and healthy living . There are currently 150 boarding major project to implement the program .

The programs mentioned above are still limited in some provinces . However, there are other programs of LKNU that has spread across the province in global , namely HIV / AIDS .

In addition to mentoring the PLWHA ( People Living with HIV / AIDS ) , the program also printing NU cadres in every district . ” Five cadres of each district to be NU AIDS care . This program has been started since 2010 and has been there in 33 provinces , ” he said .

NU , according Anggia , actually has been involved in the healthcare field since the 70s . Since then , NU has established hospitals and clinics in some areas . Until now , there are 150 hospitals and clinics being built NU .

" Although no one has class A , but there is a large majority , some also exist in the form of clinics and maternity homes . Frankly , it is still less management . Going forward , we will be doing a lot of coaching hospitals , " he said .

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Looking ahead , further Anggia , LKNU will focus on two things , namely the arrangement of hospital management and health care .

" NU has a lot of people with a lot of work anyway . I see free Jampersal already apply , but not many know how to use that facility , do not know how to access . This is how NU can take part in this field . "


Ahead of the 2014 World Cup, Rio Still Not Safe

As the host of the 2014 World Cup , Rio de Janeiro was still not safe . Seen from a mugging action when a woman is being interviewed by a reporter from a local television station sebua , TV Globo , Thursday, April 10, 2014 .

It happened , the poor woman is being interviewed by TV Globo on the state of Rio lately. He then complained about the lack of security and police presence near the station because he was often approached by prospective robbers .

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Suddenly, from the side of a man so quickly grabbed the necklace he was wearing . Action was captured by a TV camera and it looks snatcher ran toward a busy street in broad daylight . The reporter tried to look after him . Lucky thief dropped the necklace and immediately returned to the middle-aged women .

Events that are scattered in cyberspace is an important record for the city government as evidence that the Rio is still vulnerable to crime and this is a difficult job . The problem , Rio asked FIFA to improve security ahead of the World Cup this June , as well as for the 2016 Olympics .

In addition in terms of security , preparedness Brazil in the construction of the stadium is still far from complete . Of the seven stadiums , two of which have not been completed , including the stadium for the inaugural event in Sao Paolo .

" If you want me to summarize it , we are not ready , " said Jerome Valcke Valcke on African football conference in South Africa when asked about the readiness of Brazil as the host .


Quick count results affect re-election

Results count fast or quick count 2014 election which was announced a number of survey institutes protested the Crescent Star Party (PBB).

UN judge the quick count results can affect psychological voters that the region will perform re-election or in areas that do not hold voting.

"It’s a psychological influence voters," said the Secretary-General (Secretary-General) of the UN, BM Wibowo at the United Nations Office of the DPP, Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, Friday (04/11/2014).

Currently, he said, the UN is still waiting for the official results of manual counting of the General Election Commission (KPU). “We were harmed by the results of the quick count because although there are still areas that hold new elections,” he said.

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In addition, he also considered the results of the quick count is a twit. “Pollsters do not consider psychological condition of the political parties and the electorate,” he said.


Detecting Virus APK Files on Android

Is the apk files on the internet can be inserted a virus in it and how to detect the virus if it is in the apk file? (Reza Wahyudi)


Dear Reza,

I assume the file. Apk Android Package files (apps / apps) that you ask is a file. Apk that are outside the Play Store. Can be from the internet, email, USB Flash, coffee from a friend or other.

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Instead of the file. Apk on the internet, files. Apk’s in Store Play alone can be easily inserted malware (malicious software) in it. If you do not believe, please see RiskIQ search results above the existing applications in the Play Store.

Percentage of malicious apps on Play Store increased from 2.7% in 2011 to 12.7% in 2013, or roughly the number reached more than 42,000 malicious apps in 2013. Ranked The most apps category contains malware are:

2. Entertainment.

3. Education / Books.

4. The Media / Audio Video.

5. Sports.

If the existing apps on Play Store which is actually controlled by Google alone could contain malware, you can imagine how the apps that are outside the Play Store, of course, is much more likely to contain dangerous malware.

The bad news, if the manufacturer has a bad faith apps, apps which at first does not contain malware may even be contained malware because these apps regularly get updates and malware that could be delivered through the update apps. Because it is very important for you to choose a provider that is reliable apps.

If for some reason you need to install apps from outside the Play Store and want to check if the apps contain malware or not, you can use the Scan apk NVISIO accessible


This Digital Paper The Anti Tear

Sony has just unveiled its newest digital paper dubbed Digital Paper . Targeting the market moves in the field of law , education , and finance , Sony hopes the device can reduce excessive paper usage .

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Working closely with the finance company Worldox , Sony to target a market that still has a great dependence on the use of paper . Digital Paper is claimed to make it easier for professionals to read , annotate , and enhance productivity.

Bob Nell as Director of Digital Paper Solutions of Sony Electronics said that the device is equipped with a notepad feature that allows one to share the record with clients , colleagues , and co-workers .

Citing Slashgear pages , Digital Paper equipped with a 13.3-inch display full screen in a letter-size PDF format , touch pad , stylus , screen high contrast 1200 x 1600 dots , and a 16 -level grayscale E Ink technology from E Ink Corporation Mobius .

Like a tablet , while reading an article , users can enlarge or scroll the screen . And the most important is the Digital Paper can reduce the print , copy, share , and paper shredding .

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Interestingly , Digital Paper is integrated with a wireless network , which means that documents can be uploaded to the server and then distributed to other users that require the Digital Paper . The device itself will be available in May with prices starting at U.S. $ 1,100 or approximately USD 12.5 million .


Protection of Princess wrinkles Cobb Hornbill is on the radar of the Indian government

Princess wrinkles Cobb Hornbill has inhabit the volcanic island of the Andaman Sea , which is surrounded by coral reefs , spread all over in the thick forest . In fact , only tropical evergreen forest of 12 km2 area of ​​the Nakondamu Island habitat of this bird , and it is a kind of bird with a small habitat in the world. Adult of 50-249 birds are the Ⅰ A class is endangered hornbills dark characteristic of this small population . Is recognized as a wildlife sanctuary since 1977 , this island is located in the Nikoba island group and the Andaman Sea , is one of the ( important natural environment as an indicator bird ) IBA. Population currently Princess wrinkles Cobb Hornbill is stable by threats and limited protection activities , but, by the narrowness of the habitat and the size of the population , is susceptible to very against new natural disaster or threat state .

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Princess wrinkles Cobb Hornbill we were able to protect

That therefore , the proposed construction of radar monitoring station from the Indian coast guard has been rejected Environment and Forests by the Minister ( Government of India ) is a big news . To cut down virgin forest in order to build the access road that spans a huge radar site , diesel power generator , to 2 kg were included in the plan . I was invited from the Indian government to President Bashar al-Assad , Dr. Ramani ( partner of India ) Bombay Natural History Society to assess the impact of this development . And social movements reject his strong will has led the success of the protection of Princess wrinkles Cobb Hornbill .

It had a significant impact on the population already forest loss due to it and the local agency of a small police which was built in 1969 , fuelwood harvesting , hunting , ( regeneration of natural forest is inhibited by it ) and bring in goat . It was the place where a large project involving the development trees and logging on a scale of pretty , with the presence of people further if done , can lead to extinction possibly be a major disaster for the Princess wrinkles Cobb Hornbill .

Mother bird devoted

Hornbill takes advantage of the virgin forest mature with a large tree to roost for the nesting . During the brooding and spawning , the female because devote our best to care for chicks , feathers flight will also no longer fly to use for brooding . This will be caused the adverse effects that can not be undone for the Princess wrinkles Cobb Hornbill if there is a disturbance that led to the construction and operation of the radar system in addition to the environmental degradation of the current .

Ministry of the Environment has stressed that there are other options such as away from the coast or another choice of technology to India Coast Guard . Since there is no such option of another in order to survive in Princess wrinkles Cobb Hornbill , rejected the proposal ‘s a great success .

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The conservation of the future that have been proposed , and the strengthening of the hunting ban existing , and to promote the regeneration of the forest by expel the goat of all from the island , is to provide a fuel for cooking to residents of the local agency of police and to protect the environment was isolated by is included .

source:http://www. birdlife-asia .org/

Cows in the village Munjung, Ngantang, Natural Dehydration and Starvation

Kelud eruption adversely affect cows belonging to the villagers of Munjung , Ngantang , Malang . The village had been abandoned by residents because most of the roof of the house was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Kelud , while there are hundreds of head of cattle are left in cages that also heavily damaged .

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ProFauna team who were in the village on the 15th of February 2014 reported that there are a lot of cows dehydrated and starved for several days had not visited the owner . The investigation also uncovered there are at least two dead cows .

Seeing the deplorable conditions , the team quickly stir ProFauna directly by providing food and drinks to the cows , although not all of them helped . After giving first aid to the cows , ProFauna coordinating with the Department of Animal Husbandry and KUD Ngantang for handling cows suffering from it .

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Department of Animal Husbandry expressed readiness to provide food and medicine for the cow , but ask bantuanPproFauna for power distribution.

source:http://www. profauna .org/